About Me


I’m currently looking for a job in Software Developement, check my resume, and contact me at: msalim@boun.cr for more informations and private code portfolio.
Current location: Oran, Algeria.
Accept remote/relocation: Yes.

What I am learning now

Right now I’m focusing on front end developement, especially React JS and related techologies. I’m planning to learn Elm-lang after becoming really comfortable using React JS and co.
From time to time, I play with Android, making side projects or mini apps; I also try playing around with blockchain and hashgraph related technologies.

What I studied

In June 2017, I finshed my Master’s program in Computer Science specializing in Education Engineering, where I learned a lot about some advanced computer science concepts, and especially how to use technology to educate people with different backgrounds and different aptitudes. We used different tools, such as Unity Game Engine to make serious games, JADE(JAVA Agent DEvelopment Framework) to make simple multi-agent systems, and others. I finalized my degree with an end of studies project where my partner and I built a mobile tourism app to assist piligrims in Mecca, taking in consideration their abilities and specifities.
Before, I studied core concepts of computer science, from Algebra and algorithms to Graph Theory in my Licenciate program (equivalent to bachelor).


Leexy App [Android]: (Coming Soon To PlayStore and GitHub)

Refills mobile credit by scanning the voucher codes with the camera. Leexy detects the mobile operator and makes the USSD call to refill the account automatically.


I’m a member of ExperTease, which is a project aiming to build a genuinely informed community with enough critical thinking skills to question the information that it consumes on a daily basis.
The ExperTease Project is sponsored by the State Department of the United States of America in partnership with Legacy International.