About Me


I’m currently looking for a job in Web development, check my resume, and contact me on LinkedIn for more information and a private code portfolio.
Current location: Hamburg, Germany
Accept remote/relocation: Yes.

Who am I

I am a software developer who touched a lot of technologies, from mobile to data engineering but mostly front-end web technologies.

What I am looking for

I’m looking for a full-stack position with a focus on front-end. I’m open to trying new technologies, and while I don’t define myself with the technologies I use, I would prefer to focus on Vue.js / Nuxt.js

Some facts (outside of work) about me

I love hobbies that require sharp focus such as :

  • Learning Calligraphy
  • Learning to play the harmonica
  • Hiking in difficult terrain

What I studied

In June 2017, I finished my Master’s program in Computer Science specializing in Education Engineering, where I learned a lot about some advanced computer science concepts, especially how to use technology to educate people with different backgrounds and aptitudes.

We used tools such as Unity Game Engine to make serious games, JADE(JAVA Agent DEvelopment Framework) to make simple multi-agent systems, and others.

I finalized my degree with an end-of-studies project where my partner and I built a mobile tourism app.
Before, I studied core concepts of computer science, from Algebra and algorithms to Graph Theory in my Licenciate program (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree).



A web extension that downloads HTML media files (anything that has an src attribute) present on the current page.

Leexy App [Android]: (Unmaintained)

Refills mobile credit by scanning the voucher codes with the camera. Leexy detects the mobile operator and automatically makes the USSD call to refill the account.